sabato 17 dicembre 2011


For this new single we've engaged a spectral agent who've stolen voices, percussions and visions from Mali using field recordings.
Mr Dal Ree did this main track called Tamashek which sounds like a recording of a night ritual to celebrate closed encounters under the desert moonlight.
The body of this song rolls on the rythm and wears an haunted long dress which get electrified by the ghostly fluorescenses in the air: its geometry changes constantly because affected by their energy.
Lights and Shadows dance together.
UXO disembodied the Spirit from its original shape, and let the electrified soul fly away creating a tail of colours which leads you to up to Venus.
Then is up to Vaghe Stelle who spread a sort of alien virus into the scene: the dancing shadows get infected and their steps become faster and faster.
It's a Black Fever.The dancers sweat fire and their body of lights and shadows burst into stardust ready to be blown away by the morning breeze.
It's Dawn for the Afro-Phu-Turists)))

martedì 6 dicembre 2011

UXO-Fresh Flesh (Furtherset Dreammachine rmx)

New Wonderfull Video for (((QS/VS2))) from our man Iano, who put together a dope visual patchwork for the stormy rework from Mr. Furtherset.
Check the video...get the split single:

sabato 19 novembre 2011

Go Savant!

Here Come the Savants:
it seems that Donnie and Matteo took a time machine to get back in our age and deliver this 4 tracker which has been strangely recorded during the summer of 2011.
GO SAVANT! is a trip into future worlds made of scifi synths, electro funk and soulfull atmospheres through which silicon bodies turn into stardust, supernovas and solar storms.
You could find some relations to a certain kind of film scores composers and the idea of afrofuturism but this links could be missed because they're buried into the production which is rooted into the contemporary style of both the producers who have joined forces to produce this blind soundtrack.
Call it Future Soul, Space Funk or Weirdage, this is a an omage to Carl Sagan's philosphy and the consciousness which allows us to coexist in harmony with the infinity of time and space.
Let your ESP increase throught their clairvoyant psichedelia.
Let's Take Off!

giovedì 17 novembre 2011

Ether - Prejanka EP

We are proud to have one of the first manifestation of Ether's comeback on (((Versus))) as a feature remix.
Ether is a joint venture between Biga & Colossius from Overknights family and surely one of the most stylish contemporary experiment in electronic music from the Italian underground.
Finally they're back with their new solo work which has been shaped on wax by LIL PITCH records which starts its activity with huge style involving Pinch on a phat remix which occupies an entire side of the 12" with sonic arrogance and bass pressure .
Welcome Back Ether.
Buy it or Steal it, But Get it:

sabato 12 novembre 2011


“Versus” is an attempt to certify the health of beatmaking in its different faces and shapes. We are attracted by cosmos, so this time we focus on the sidereal space owned by a selected bunch of contributors who feed the fire of the beat evolution in their own way. You know, space is the place and it is also the main natural element that allows events to happen across the timeline of infinity.
“Versus” is a document made by tracks collected between 2010-2011: it portrays a selection of people who spend night and day searching for the right frequency to carve a bassline, or to shape a room to move ghostly informations within. This record is focused on space because it’s the only possible place where to find out our need to represent the room of sonic possibilties in aural mutations.
Here comes that we gave the studio tracks from “UXO1” album to a bunch of friends and beloved producers to rework them. The result sounds like a futuristic tape with various imageries of beatmaking. In “Versus” you can hear stunning reinterpretations such as Fingalick’s melodic slowcore, Ether’s hip-hop erosions and Digi G’Alessio playing an afro-dub version rooted in NY Illbient circa 95, or even Railster doing the super modernist wonky kind of thing, A.N.I.Q. Joint facing the chaos by killing Carpenter’s futuristic landscapes, Johnny Boy’s sampledelic minimalism and Blessy digging into future funk....and a lot more, but is up to the listeners curiosity to unveil the rest.
It's hard to sum up such an effort in terms of style. We always talk about beats, but they are all made by different visions of rhythm and vibe. All the people involved are independent producers who create their own poetry throughout the rhythm in a very DIY way, so this is the shit. We ask you to support them, as they suffer of a soulful hunger for sounds and want their anarchic sonic patchworks come straight to your ears.
Ok, less words/more music.
Here is “Versus”.


UXO did this heartwarming mixtape for the ladies and Mixology put it on air and spend some gentle words about the project.
This mixtape contains also exclusive unreleased tracks from UXO's upcomin' album named by "Content" and a fresh new effort by Digi & Colossius between other gems.
We're truly proud of being broadcasted by a radio program which can mention guests like Moritz von Osvald, DJ Vadim, Pinch, The Bug to name few...
thanks to Andrea MI for Spreading Love
Listen Up

martedì 8 novembre 2011


Opening Track from the Upcomin' UXO & DIGI GALESSIO split LP.
Comin' Very Soon on Plynt records.
Taste the Blood

lunedì 31 ottobre 2011


UXO & the electronic wizard named by Furtherset clashed their style for this new split single. It seems they've knocked at the door of cosmos to transfigure the original tracks and push them into outerspace for your aural pleasures.
It was hard to make it fit but finally it worked out. UXO reworked the Harmonic Oscillator from Furtherset's recent ep "Old Quantum Theory" making a sort of steppin' mutant rnb rolling in a corridor of synths and aural erosions which suddenly blooms in a reduced emotive synth funk. Furtherset faced the opening track from UXO's 2009 album , freaking everysingle waveform and obtaining an hard to describe technicolour neo trance made of drones and ancestral pagan feelings driven by an exploding pastoral synth which appears in the middle of the track.
Can you see the Rainbow?

Artwork & Mastering by (((QS)))

lunedì 17 ottobre 2011


We really like to wake up in the morning and find gifts like children under the Xmas tree.It's an October monday morning instead of xmas time and offcourse the postman is not the fat old white beard man but Fresh Yo label which dropped a beautyful compilation to declare its aim for the upcoming production season.
Fresh Yo put together a bunch of cosmic contributors to showcase its wide range of sonic interest collecting an eclettic but well balanced compilation done with good taste.
You can find the hi-skilled Mcing poetry of Chaos from Millelemmi doing the opening titles which introduces UXO reshaping Apes on Tapes with a quirky future funk, the concrete beats from Colossius & Digi's joint venture which seem that has been stolen from a Sergio Leone's mourning scene which fades into the soul infected future hip hop of Infinite Lives.Then The Motorik Clap from Bewsenzio, Chico Cruz lowfi tropical beats, Digi G'Alessio blasting hip hop rythm. BPM increases then into Echo's 4/4 colourfull windmill electro which breaks into the Vince Lard's reorganized chaos that ends leaving room to MOR slow-emotions which could be an exceptional example of futuristic library music for TV. Well, everyone knows that to be aware of the future you've to learn something from your past, so the compiler wisely decided to remember the listener that silicon has been made by humans and humans can play also acustic instruments and their own voice too, so it was time to showcase a wonderfull Folk Pop track from Joel Swensen to warm hearts in the autumn anticipating the ending titles which have been left to A Smile for Timbuctu which salutes the listeners with a wonderfull soundtrack inspired by early electronic pioneers.
Huge Stuff...Get it for free

Long Live Fresh Yo!

martedì 6 settembre 2011

Casa del Mirto-Club Mare (UXO Shore Remix)

A wonderfull Video for (((QS/VS1))) gently gifted by Handlebar.
A new collabo is coming...
Go Deep and download the split single here:

domenica 4 settembre 2011


New UXO interview and Mixtape commisioned by Blaluca. UXO peaked some space funk and cosmic soul from different artist he felt in love with. The Mixtape showcases tracks from Overknigts, Finest Ego's Uk/Ireland recent compilation, Paul White's new album and some exclusive unreleased tracks from Go Savant!, AshEthics and UXO himself...

lunedì 25 luglio 2011

Paul White - Trust ft Guilty Simpson

Two of our favourite Heroes come together hand in hand and it's a BOOM!
This is an anticipation taken from "Rapping With Paul White" which will be released in August by Onehandedmusic.
Can't wait

sabato 23 luglio 2011

UXO 1-Digital Edition 2011

Uxo1 is a free ironical ride into space where the compositions use beats as psychedelic rails. The 22 short tracks have been mostly conceived through impro sessions with electronic tools, such as samplers, turntables, 303-synths, field recordings, and film soundtracks, which explains their spontaneous taste and DIY attitude. Heavily influenced by syntherama, dub basses, electro-funk rhythms and visionaire producers like Dabrye and Madlib, UXO music starts with an electronic mood to slowly go into more hip hop beats, ranging from the childhood memoirs of “No Return” to the current affairs of “MJ vs Neda”, a farewell to both Michael Jackson and the Iranian dead woman Neda. The Aphex Twin-esque “The Heat” walks with its thick and bodied sound, while “Iron Dandelion” is a joyfull lovesong that quickly brings the listener to the heart-warmed lovers rock echoes of “Isn’t It/Love Is In The Airhorn”. Sci-fi elements are gently spread all over the album, from the tribute to sci-fi maestro John Carpenter of “The Cheapest Space Travel” to the melancholic and nightly trip to nowhere “Faraway” through the wonky beats of “LSB”. The closer “Without You” is a magnificent electro-blues march that penetrates our deepest emotions, like the end credits music composed by Angelo Badalamenti for an imaginary movie. Uxo1 is ultimately an unexploded sonic bomb which hides an extremely variety of sounds and cosmic pleasures, ready to be discovered. To be handled carefully.

Originally released in 200 cdrs in 2009, now available again here for free:

domenica 10 luglio 2011

Breathing Rythm

Brand New Mixtape from UXO broadcasted on the 9th of July by the wonderfull Ritmo Radio Show. Breathing Rythm is made of peaks UXO did during the last months taking gems from different genres, some exclusive sounds from his cats (5y5, Blessy, Dalree) and unreleased tracks from our archive. If you feel the cosmic breeze, this could be yr summer soundtrack.
Original Artwork by (((QS))).

and get UXO's Exclusive Mixtape here:

Big Up Matteo!

martedì 28 giugno 2011


Raw Meat is a beat tape that is born during a session on April 29-30 th 2011 using only a SP 555 sampler and's pure impro and the result is a polydirectional sampledelia melted by psichedelic dub. It sounds like an organic mud made of obscurity, sudden shines and deposits of musical culture. The basic choice of means is an attempt to recall the concepts of old school hip hop and the action painting even though the result is a sort of mutant creature that contains different genres melted in a continuous unconscious flow nebulized on 2 tracks of 10 mins each.
This new UXO work represents its first collaboration with the wonderful Plynt records.
Check this out...Free download

giovedì 23 giugno 2011


Brand New Mixtape from UXO: 20 minutes of psychedelic unreleased beats previously broadcasted by the wonderful Ragnampiza Radio Show ( and now available for free:

sabato 4 giugno 2011


This single features a remix collaboration between UXO and Casa Del Mirto. UXO choosen Club Mare from CDM’s 1979 album, and twisted its original melancholic italo vibe into slowcore. It seemed that this track was originally conceived to accompaign your trip onto the surface of the sea but the UXO revisitation turned your cruise into a submergible thanks to the dub techniques and a sweet storm of drones which seem to recall waves breaking on the shore. Then you’ve the fantastic rework of The Heat, previously released on UXO’s 2009 album, from Casa Del Mirto: the original track was a sci-phunk downtempo which focused on dramatic tensions made by obscure synth melodies laying on a future hip hop beat. CDM took this cinematic track and decided to put some sugar in the bowl to make it bounce on retrofuture pop radio frequencies: this remix is a Cosmic dancefloor hit made of sweet melodies, funky guitars and Italo’s reminiscences.
The Heat is Hot so…Summer is Welcome.
Out Now

giovedì 26 maggio 2011

martedì 24 maggio 2011

(((My Cats)))

No one sleeps At (((QS))) headquarters...maybe some of you already knows that Digi and UXO have joined forces to work on a remix album reshaping trax taken from their previously released material: it's still a work in progress, but the substance smells already of dope. On the other hand UXO is working also with someother artist to a guest remix compilation which will include names like Fingalick, Ether, Aniq Joint, badmen from our beloved and well known Flowrence crew and other hot heads...
Well this unstoppable hyperactivity and the long term process of coordination and production of this records luckily create the chance to create a tastefull mix which showcase (this time) only "Digi vs UXO" album, Fingalick's track for the formentioned remix album, and other secret kept in our (((QS)))archive.
What else, enjoy the cosmic vibe that comes out of this wild short cuts...
Mixtape is here:

This kittens are Roaring:

Are they Tigers?

lunedì 23 maggio 2011


We had the honour to listen to Daretta some time ago thanks to our supafriends Overknights.
For sure is one of our favourite record of the year, and surely is one of the most important records that recently comes from the italian scene.
We've already talked about the new italian Hip Hop, Abstract, Wonk...ecc...but this time instead of describing instrumental shit, we'll need to recomend and focus to next level kind of MCing on which Daretta sits as undisputed King.
Daretta is definitely a post modern poet. His technique is eccelent, his style is chronic, and his mantric lirics are somewhere between modern hip hop and sciamanism.
Daretta points to describe the dark side of life with a smart approach that avoids obvious creative paths which often make serious issues patetic and readymade.
He uses a grimy sense of humor full of pop culture quotations and an arsh expressivity that makes his work associable to oldschool punk bands:
DARETTA made it happen....HARDCORE is Back...

Some words from Overknights:

"We are very proud to present Daretta and his solo album "Heavy Mental"!!
Our boy is representing for "la Raza Araucana" from Santiago de Cile to Firenze Rifredi, and describes himself as: 'Born in Minorca, son of Norca, killer like an Orca, as poetic as Garcia Lorca...'
Let this deeply determined MC take you down a spiral made of black velvety words... and if you don't understand italian you can catch some drops of spanish, french and english here and there.. we assure that the meanings are seriously backing up the sounds and the mood. NO DOUBT!

Cmon Cavron
go for it

lunedì 9 maggio 2011

Overknights Minisampler #1

The Flowrence Gang did it again: a new sampler which highlights some new productions from one of the most active crew on the italian territory. 8bit infected funky beats, abstractions,sampledelic hip hop, Skwee and fat basslines obviously...

Get it Now, for free:

venerdì 6 maggio 2011

Boxcutter-Dissolve in the Air mix

I Absolutely need to recomed you this wonderfull mix from one of my favourite artist, Barry Lynn aka Boxcutter. Here some words from the man:

"It's really just summer tunes. I just wanted to do something really gentle, just total brain candy, a stare-out-the-window session. I wanted to get something super feminine, it doesn't have any edges to it for the most part. Did you hear the mix I did for 20jazzfunkgreats? It's like a part two to that one, really gentle jazz and R'n'B and stuff. It's just what I was listening to at home I suppose, very chilled out and peaceful. It's weird, I've just been avoiding a lot of darker music at the moment. I'm on a real hippie flower power thing [laughs]. Let's leave it on that note!"...

Thanks Barry and the to share this jewell.
GO and Listen

lunedì 2 maggio 2011

Paul White-The Strange Dreams of Paul White

According to The Fader magazine, "The Strange Dreams Of Paul White conjures a hallucinatory world which owes as much to guitarists dressed as wizards and epic songs about Stonehenge as it does to turntables and microphones."


lunedì 18 aprile 2011


We like powerfull and crunchy sound, no matter the BPM, we like dirty sounds expecially when they sound like a lion roar...if you share this taste get this wonderfull beat tape from DZA on Error Broadcast records. This Album is an omage to ruff beats and spontaneous creativity that takes place when machines are handled with strong personality and true passion. Five Finger Discount focuses expecially on downtempo beats and has been released in 2010. Recently we got the luck to cross DZA most recent works and his spectrum of sounds widened facing the different aspects of bassline music, as you can ear in the Planet Soap remix album already described on this pages or other tracks you can easily approach on DZA's Soundcloud.
Cmon Cavron...Album and more infos are here:

venerdì 18 marzo 2011


"Someone have just informed us that 2 of the most hyperactive producers from the italian Beat scene have joined forces: Digi G'Alessio & UXO are working together to remix their previous and unreleased material.
They are planning to put out an EP (?) made of 10 tracks peaking 5 original tracks each from the library of the other to make spacey reworks.
Beware of them.
Here below an anticipation...freedownload

martedì 1 febbraio 2011

(((SciPhunk in The WeirdAge)))

"Is rainbows and earthquakes, putrescent Fm pop fluo ghost songs falling down into precipices like comets which burn entering the biosphere and turning themselves into stardust memories of a future that have never been. This is foolish hilarity which suddenly becomes genuine commotion and astonishment like you're wacthing the most beautyfull dawn you've never experienced before, but beware, that light you see at the horizon is not the sun but your city which is burning and you don't care because ashes will be blown away by this wonderfull cosmic breeze which transforms lifeless rubble into perfumed flowers and tiger pups. Well, Smoke (as I've just did) and Listen"...


martedì 18 gennaio 2011

UXO dedication)))

Boredom is...your hypocrisy, your pimp style, your catholic block, your hard to understand leftwing demo-tv-ctature, your rightwing righteous discipline, your imposition of silly useless trends, your activism that never took place, and all the boring things the membrane you call mouth have shout for a long time...then your bitches, your preachers, your priests,your policy, your order, your cops, your inhuman plastic humans, your super human plastic humans, your freaks, your exceptional non exceptional inhumans, your concrete paradise and your non-places, your money, your fake wealthy compassion, your....

we need fun...we need funk...we need to say FUCK YOU...and we will do with a smile on our faces...FUCK YOU)))

ps:if you think is dedicated to you...Ok, you're right once in your in lifetime)))
AH...Fuck You, maybe you didn't understand)))

lunedì 17 gennaio 2011

Digi G'Alessio-Yellow Book

Mr Cristiano Crisci AKA Digi G’Alessio, is one of most prolific italian hip hop(?) producer. He's part of the Florence based Overknights super crew and one of the hottest heads in the beautyfull peninsula. His music has been defined Dumbstep or Spaghetti Wobble. This funny subgeneres names fit his music in someway.
In fact his beats are somewhere between Dubstep, Skwee, and offcourse hip hop from which he takes the basic rules: infact the most beautyfull thing of his sound is that you can consider his tracks as a projection/ progression of the classic techniques infected by the Fat Basslines and synths from the contemporary beatmaking.
Digi makes beautyfull samples based music that bounce on the red line that connects him straight to the "true-school" thank to his love for samplers...
...and you know, samples and fun are the main aspects of the HH thinking since the oldschool, and he his taking this back thanks to his provocative punk approach that allows him to produce a wide spectrum flow of emotions: his songs can be childish, sweet, soulfull, light and comfortably poppy but suddenly they can turn in something evil, powerfull and aggressive creating a schizofrenic rainbow of colours and feelings that increase the climax and adds an abstract kind of storytelling to his albums.
Ah! His gigs are pure fire)))
So C'mon, go and get his new album on Plynt!!!!

lunedì 10 gennaio 2011

Overknights Rythm Incursion mix

Is Not Xmas time anymore, but tonight I felt happy like a child handling this cosmic gift for free...Thanks to
No more useless words from me, Overknights spk by their own and through their edgy beats!!!

..."Overknights is a collective of dj’s, producers, mc’s and one drawer based in Florence, Italy. A group of ten with common tastes and different styles, as well as a variety of musical backgrounds, ranging from hip hop, jazz and punk, to techno and many other genres of ‘electronic’ music. Their particular ‘sound’ lies between the different styles found throughout individual productions as well as many internal projects and collabo’s. The result is a mix of hip hop, funk and skwee...
Here’s our own little ‘Incursion’, an hour mix of our own productions, mostly unreleased… including a collabo with our bros The NightSkinny and DreLove and a killer remix by Pinch. A big big up to Rhythm Incusions…. and as the image by Simone Zaccagnini might suggest we’d like to show some love… so Enjoy! Peace"

Go there Read & Download Right Now)))