martedì 5 novembre 2013

HDADD - Trapped (feat. Colossius)

Hi Ladies and Gents,
we want to abduct you with the new visionary excerpt from Hdadd's "Mondo Mzk" called "Trapped".
This skull crusher track showcases an atmosphere well balanced between ecstatic spleen and mournful tensions to recall the force of wildlife.
Here you can find heavy basses, drones and dubby psychedelic vibes which seem coming from a future that has never been.
This communication has been made also to remind you what can happen when Uxo and Colossius team up as Agents of Decay.
Enjoy the Trap.

giovedì 24 ottobre 2013

HDADD - Pyro

Hi Ladies and Gents, as you all know we never sleep so we wanted to take the chance to thank you for the past support.
Autumn is wet and cold here, so we dediced to warm it up a little with a new outtake studio session from Mondo Mzk (
It's name is "Pyro" and it's a psychedelic blaster which aims to took you on the same route of the Cosmic Couriers.
It's an exclusive anticipation of the future and a tribute to the past.
To Spread and Share the love is like to put fuel to feed more fire.
Stream Here:

and here:

mercoledì 4 settembre 2013


Mondo Mzk is a soulful globetrotting through the nervous circuit of the modern ways of living. Souls are made of silicon, and experience is a ghost floating like dust blown by the wind in a desert wasteland.
A travel across landscapes undressed by the man intervention where nature sovereigns in all its beautiful power and cruelty.

Humanity is still there, yet hidden in a twilight zone of representation. Artificial masks replace faces with the smile of fake emotions standing at the top of bodies made of memories.

Like a road movie shot with ever blurred lens, its content is buried under the weight of the scene by scene shadowy narration.
The audience's point of view is induced to detach where lies and truth are, drown in an aurora whose spectrum is made by matter, ghosts, colours, ecstasy and pain.

Fiction couldn't exist without reality as there wouldn't have been any shadow without light.

Welcome into Mondo Mzk



More Visions @


lunedì 24 giugno 2013

LDGU - Rattigan Glumphoboo Ep

Welcome Back Ladies and Gents,
Qs is proud to introduce you to LDGU's first solo work.
Behind Ldgu's Moniker you've Paolo Rossi, the founder of Lil Pitch Records, label which built an outstanding reputation with few but well settled transmission with names like Ether, Pinch, Dj Earl and Boxcutter.

This is a Debut EP but Paolo's dress as a musician is not so new for QS: He's already appeared with his tenor Sax on Braille Funk LP warming up tracks like Blowjob and Neopalm.

Aside of his pale attention for Future bass, he shares with us a passion for psychedelia and jazzy visions so he decided to jump onboard with a collection of heartwarming songs made of extatic ambiences, monolithic drones and minimalistic textures.

The overall feeling spread throughout this record echoes the force of wildlife with the use of ermetic compositions which sound like hymns to Mother Earth: these pagan poems are focused on the harmonic ambivalence of the beauty of Chaos.

This is a portrait of nature and its strength which can be found in the peaceful embrace of the coexistence and the dangerous cruelty of death as well.
Ldgu's Visions are shaped with sounds to describe the energy of heartbeats, Predators, Embryos, Leaves, Blood, Creation and Destruction...

You Know...
Nonsense makes sense when you Make Some Noise.
Warm your Hearts with Rattigan Glumphoboo

and More Spectravision for your Senses:

domenica 26 maggio 2013


“Static Motion” is the second Installment from HDADD, the electronic side project from UXO.
It follows “Ancient Future” album which was an homage to rave sounds flirting with electrofunk and psychedelia.
This second episode differs from the previous due to the fact it’s very distant by any kind of dance music association. It’s been mostly inspired by Cinematographic culture and authors like Stanley Kubrick, in someway it sounds like a blind filmscore aiming to replace the perception of a film in your retina using only technicolour aural impulses.

Static Motion is the description of a daydream: it’s like traveling without moving, flying with no wings or riding your mind onto sunny highways keeping your testarossa at home.
Music is the Fuel.

Download here:

Video Xcerpt previously performed Live A/V @ S/V/N:

martedì 12 marzo 2013


On Saturday 9th March, HDADD was involved into S/V/N/ (, one of the hottest emerging electronic music festivals in Italy. S/V/N/ is a pretty young event which is taking importance thanks to the quality of their choices: in less than one year the list of the artists involved can count on names like Andy Stott, Holy Other, Blondes, Stellar Om Source to mention a few.

The party was pure excitement for HDADD. This time he shared the stage with heavyweights like Demdike Stare (Modern Love) and Substance (Chain Reaction/Basic Channel), so he prepared a brand new 30 mins Audio visual show, which is strongly influenced by 20th century visual avant-gardes with an emotional psychedelic feel. Here you can find a 3mins cut down:

This is an excerpt from "Ancient Future" Lp you can find here:

Thanks to S/V/N crew.
Thanks for your attention.
One Love

giovedì 7 febbraio 2013

Colossius-Borden Video

If you just started to follow the Spectre, here's a little reminder of our latest activies:
it's a new video directed by UXO for "Borden", a single taken from the beautyfull Ep(((.))) from Colossius.
If you want to know more about organic funk and this Superhero go and get the album here:

giovedì 31 gennaio 2013


Ladies and Gents,
Braille Funk is a blind excursion into black music lead by a three-headed creature born in Quasi Studio, Florence.
It recalls the Cerberus, yet its story is rooted into the future funk rather than in the Greek mythology.
Behind this freak of nature lies a trio which aims to explore the universe of sound using an improved perception.
Facing the mistery of creation, the producers have experienced spontaneous sessions in smokey rooms at night with analog instruments.
This is the first episode of a saga that promises to be a journey into afrofuturism crossing hitech jazz and tropical bass.
Open your mind, keep your eyes closed and look out into the darkness of space.


Now you can point UFO: