domenica 28 ottobre 2012


Here's an update about our visions:

HDADD - Loopin

UXO - Baby Blue (from ILLyCit)

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One Love
Go Spectral (((*)))

sabato 20 ottobre 2012


We Never Sleep.
Here some visual reworks to celebrate our recent and upcomin releases.

Colossius - Radag

Phil Danger - Night Session

Hdadd - Xprnz

Colossius -Acid Elevator

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venerdì 12 ottobre 2012

Colossius (((.)))

He moves like a shadow in the night of this technocratic age cutting the darkness with swords made of light.
The name of this super hero is Colossius.
He does not use Katanas or Shuriken, but his creations are deadlier than any kind of contemporary method of mass destruction.
When he puts his hands on the machines they react like sonic weapons.
Luckily he's soul is driven by the positive force.
Our hero is also a scientist in his field: his alchemic knowledge allows him to manipulate every kind of aural source with majestic touch.
He can carve waveforms like marble and all the ethereal essence of sound suddenly seem becoming physical and organic.
Every beat here has been cutted to fullfill your soul with Cosmic Chaos.
This is his first solo work on QS and can be considered an aural assault definitive like the title.
Drown yourself into it, Now.


martedì 9 ottobre 2012

5Y5 (((Barefoot))) Ep

Hi Tropical Heads,
5Y5 are Back with their new effort called "Barefoot" and it's a nasty 4 tracker.
The two fives are well known for their passion for rythm and their obession for Africa: for Barefoot they decided to go heavy shaping four monolitic bangers which sounds like a panoramic on the bassline continuum.
The will to fill the gap between future and past is clearly declared in this tracks which are barely infected by Juke, Techno and roots music.
Put your Sneakers on.
the Dancefloor is going to burn.


mercoledì 3 ottobre 2012


Back in the days UXO recorded a bunch of Raw beats stealing sounds from different medias to feed it's little SP555.
This riddims were sleeping in his HD for too long so then it came the time to bring them back to a regular life after being shacked into a continuous mix and coldshowered into dub.
This is a new volume of the ILLegal Cosmic Tapes series and it's made of Beats collected between 2006-08.
They are minimal, raw and wild...
Definitely ILLegal

Artwork by Kae: