sabato 17 dicembre 2011


For this new single we've engaged a spectral agent who've stolen voices, percussions and visions from Mali using field recordings.
Mr Dal Ree did this main track called Tamashek which sounds like a recording of a night ritual to celebrate closed encounters under the desert moonlight.
The body of this song rolls on the rythm and wears an haunted long dress which get electrified by the ghostly fluorescenses in the air: its geometry changes constantly because affected by their energy.
Lights and Shadows dance together.
UXO disembodied the Spirit from its original shape, and let the electrified soul fly away creating a tail of colours which leads you to up to Venus.
Then is up to Vaghe Stelle who spread a sort of alien virus into the scene: the dancing shadows get infected and their steps become faster and faster.
It's a Black Fever.The dancers sweat fire and their body of lights and shadows burst into stardust ready to be blown away by the morning breeze.
It's Dawn for the Afro-Phu-Turists)))

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