lunedì 31 ottobre 2011


UXO & the electronic wizard named by Furtherset clashed their style for this new split single. It seems they've knocked at the door of cosmos to transfigure the original tracks and push them into outerspace for your aural pleasures.
It was hard to make it fit but finally it worked out. UXO reworked the Harmonic Oscillator from Furtherset's recent ep "Old Quantum Theory" making a sort of steppin' mutant rnb rolling in a corridor of synths and aural erosions which suddenly blooms in a reduced emotive synth funk. Furtherset faced the opening track from UXO's 2009 album , freaking everysingle waveform and obtaining an hard to describe technicolour neo trance made of drones and ancestral pagan feelings driven by an exploding pastoral synth which appears in the middle of the track.
Can you see the Rainbow?

Artwork & Mastering by (((QS)))

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