giovedì 26 maggio 2011

martedì 24 maggio 2011

(((My Cats)))

No one sleeps At (((QS))) headquarters...maybe some of you already knows that Digi and UXO have joined forces to work on a remix album reshaping trax taken from their previously released material: it's still a work in progress, but the substance smells already of dope. On the other hand UXO is working also with someother artist to a guest remix compilation which will include names like Fingalick, Ether, Aniq Joint, badmen from our beloved and well known Flowrence crew and other hot heads...
Well this unstoppable hyperactivity and the long term process of coordination and production of this records luckily create the chance to create a tastefull mix which showcase (this time) only "Digi vs UXO" album, Fingalick's track for the formentioned remix album, and other secret kept in our (((QS)))archive.
What else, enjoy the cosmic vibe that comes out of this wild short cuts...
Mixtape is here:

This kittens are Roaring:

Are they Tigers?

lunedì 23 maggio 2011


We had the honour to listen to Daretta some time ago thanks to our supafriends Overknights.
For sure is one of our favourite record of the year, and surely is one of the most important records that recently comes from the italian scene.
We've already talked about the new italian Hip Hop, Abstract, Wonk...ecc...but this time instead of describing instrumental shit, we'll need to recomend and focus to next level kind of MCing on which Daretta sits as undisputed King.
Daretta is definitely a post modern poet. His technique is eccelent, his style is chronic, and his mantric lirics are somewhere between modern hip hop and sciamanism.
Daretta points to describe the dark side of life with a smart approach that avoids obvious creative paths which often make serious issues patetic and readymade.
He uses a grimy sense of humor full of pop culture quotations and an arsh expressivity that makes his work associable to oldschool punk bands:
DARETTA made it happen....HARDCORE is Back...

Some words from Overknights:

"We are very proud to present Daretta and his solo album "Heavy Mental"!!
Our boy is representing for "la Raza Araucana" from Santiago de Cile to Firenze Rifredi, and describes himself as: 'Born in Minorca, son of Norca, killer like an Orca, as poetic as Garcia Lorca...'
Let this deeply determined MC take you down a spiral made of black velvety words... and if you don't understand italian you can catch some drops of spanish, french and english here and there.. we assure that the meanings are seriously backing up the sounds and the mood. NO DOUBT!

Cmon Cavron
go for it

lunedì 9 maggio 2011

Overknights Minisampler #1

The Flowrence Gang did it again: a new sampler which highlights some new productions from one of the most active crew on the italian territory. 8bit infected funky beats, abstractions,sampledelic hip hop, Skwee and fat basslines obviously...

Get it Now, for free:

venerdì 6 maggio 2011

Boxcutter-Dissolve in the Air mix

I Absolutely need to recomed you this wonderfull mix from one of my favourite artist, Barry Lynn aka Boxcutter. Here some words from the man:

"It's really just summer tunes. I just wanted to do something really gentle, just total brain candy, a stare-out-the-window session. I wanted to get something super feminine, it doesn't have any edges to it for the most part. Did you hear the mix I did for 20jazzfunkgreats? It's like a part two to that one, really gentle jazz and R'n'B and stuff. It's just what I was listening to at home I suppose, very chilled out and peaceful. It's weird, I've just been avoiding a lot of darker music at the moment. I'm on a real hippie flower power thing [laughs]. Let's leave it on that note!"...

Thanks Barry and the to share this jewell.
GO and Listen

lunedì 2 maggio 2011

Paul White-The Strange Dreams of Paul White

According to The Fader magazine, "The Strange Dreams Of Paul White conjures a hallucinatory world which owes as much to guitarists dressed as wizards and epic songs about Stonehenge as it does to turntables and microphones."