martedì 28 giugno 2011


Raw Meat is a beat tape that is born during a session on April 29-30 th 2011 using only a SP 555 sampler and's pure impro and the result is a polydirectional sampledelia melted by psichedelic dub. It sounds like an organic mud made of obscurity, sudden shines and deposits of musical culture. The basic choice of means is an attempt to recall the concepts of old school hip hop and the action painting even though the result is a sort of mutant creature that contains different genres melted in a continuous unconscious flow nebulized on 2 tracks of 10 mins each.
This new UXO work represents its first collaboration with the wonderful Plynt records.
Check this out...Free download

giovedì 23 giugno 2011


Brand New Mixtape from UXO: 20 minutes of psychedelic unreleased beats previously broadcasted by the wonderful Ragnampiza Radio Show ( and now available for free:

sabato 4 giugno 2011


This single features a remix collaboration between UXO and Casa Del Mirto. UXO choosen Club Mare from CDM’s 1979 album, and twisted its original melancholic italo vibe into slowcore. It seemed that this track was originally conceived to accompaign your trip onto the surface of the sea but the UXO revisitation turned your cruise into a submergible thanks to the dub techniques and a sweet storm of drones which seem to recall waves breaking on the shore. Then you’ve the fantastic rework of The Heat, previously released on UXO’s 2009 album, from Casa Del Mirto: the original track was a sci-phunk downtempo which focused on dramatic tensions made by obscure synth melodies laying on a future hip hop beat. CDM took this cinematic track and decided to put some sugar in the bowl to make it bounce on retrofuture pop radio frequencies: this remix is a Cosmic dancefloor hit made of sweet melodies, funky guitars and Italo’s reminiscences.
The Heat is Hot so…Summer is Welcome.
Out Now