martedì 24 maggio 2011

(((My Cats)))

No one sleeps At (((QS))) headquarters...maybe some of you already knows that Digi and UXO have joined forces to work on a remix album reshaping trax taken from their previously released material: it's still a work in progress, but the substance smells already of dope. On the other hand UXO is working also with someother artist to a guest remix compilation which will include names like Fingalick, Ether, Aniq Joint, badmen from our beloved and well known Flowrence crew and other hot heads...
Well this unstoppable hyperactivity and the long term process of coordination and production of this records luckily create the chance to create a tastefull mix which showcase (this time) only "Digi vs UXO" album, Fingalick's track for the formentioned remix album, and other secret kept in our (((QS)))archive.
What else, enjoy the cosmic vibe that comes out of this wild short cuts...
Mixtape is here:

This kittens are Roaring:

Are they Tigers?

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