venerdì 6 maggio 2011

Boxcutter-Dissolve in the Air mix

I Absolutely need to recomed you this wonderfull mix from one of my favourite artist, Barry Lynn aka Boxcutter. Here some words from the man:

"It's really just summer tunes. I just wanted to do something really gentle, just total brain candy, a stare-out-the-window session. I wanted to get something super feminine, it doesn't have any edges to it for the most part. Did you hear the mix I did for 20jazzfunkgreats? It's like a part two to that one, really gentle jazz and R'n'B and stuff. It's just what I was listening to at home I suppose, very chilled out and peaceful. It's weird, I've just been avoiding a lot of darker music at the moment. I'm on a real hippie flower power thing [laughs]. Let's leave it on that note!"...

Thanks Barry and the to share this jewell.
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