lunedì 28 novembre 2016

HDADD - Sense of Wonder

"Sense of Wonder" is an imaginary soundtrack made of jazz funk, psychedelic hermetism, electronics and a lot of Soul. But, in this case, it makes no sense to refer to labels when it is the instinctive harmony with which these, and other elements, are made to account for how much heart the "Body of Sound" can get to have 'till it turns into a savage genius.

This time HDADD leads into an utopian place where past and future collapse: an ephemeral experience, like a dream state that lasts the length of the record. A trance inducing attempt to conduct the soul of the listener into a primordial state of virginity, where the wilderness of feelings rules over any rational analysis. Like a sleepwalk into a paradise lost from a long time in the deepest corner of human consciousness.

This record is the Experience under X-rays scan: the soul is now warmed by an electric dawn or an ephemeral and definitive sunset, an enlightment obtained by fixing the heat of the horizon's aurora in a sparse meditation. The astonishment of a visitor who's taking the majestic silk roads that leads into the Artifacts of Heaven.

The listening experience is the artificial heaven itself where symbols, science, technology and soul collide inside the spirit of the whole: like a discovery of a new ecosystem where the elements are choreographed by the harmonic order of chaos which arouse the "Sense of Wonder".
An unabashed track after track makes its way through the branches, stones, water and the clouds of an almighty benign nature, which is bathing in the lights of the past and the future.

This work aims to suspend the reality and scratches the surface that hides the implicit numinous qualities of the listeners until the awake comes leaving them with the archetypical memory of the eternal that lives in every one of us.
Nothing more than a Spiritual Thing.

Written and Produced by HDADD
Recorded between April 2014 and September 2016
Mastering by HDADD
Original Artwork by QS
Introduction by QS and C.Shephard

Premiere by Noisey Vice

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venerdì 18 novembre 2016

HDADD - Quetzal Splendente

After 2 years from his last solo work, the HDADD project is coming back with a new album called "Sense of Wonder" which is going to be released in the second half of November 2016.

Here you can enjoy the first excerpt from the album called "Quetzal Splendente"a track which melts HDADD's futuristic touch with the ancient vibes of spiritual and soulful jazz.

"The Quetzal symbolize freedom and wealth.
This creature used to sing beautifully before the conquest;
but has been silent ever since.
It will sing once again only when the land is truly free." 

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lunedì 22 agosto 2016

Omega Path - Trancefigure

Trancefigure is the second album from Omega Path, whose mission is to Avoid Boredom through the Art of Repetition.

Its hyper dynamic vision of organic music explores the unlimited possibilities of rhythm, exploiting the absence of conventional drums in favour of an orchestral movement of every single element in its patterns.

This compositions are ephemeral improvisation in which you can experience a bitter sweet disorientation, generated by the continuous change of the sonic landscapes.

A liquid narration which continuosly sublimates the shapes of the musical matter and its colours in a pulsating environment, wherein every single molecule of sound has its specific role: their interplay is the crucial trigger of a chain reaction which finally allows the audience to feel the immersive experience and get higher to reach the overall view.

Written & Produced by Omega Path
Recorded between Summer 2015 and Winter 2016
Mastering by  HDADD
Artwork by QS

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martedì 3 maggio 2016

martedì 5 gennaio 2016

OKE' - Tree of Life

OKE' is the collective effort of three kindred spirits who enjoy astral traveling, and following their own pineal glands, or perhaps telepathy, accidentally collided planet QS. They like to describe their output as an eruption: it's the fire of creation that tries to reach the sky and every gram of its magma fell on the ground it's pure fertility.
If the mountain is the trunk its fountain of fire draws the missing part of their plan: a tree of life whose branches, leaves and fruits connect the earth to the sky.
Their music is the expression of inner worlds: the thin membrane which wraps their spirits is a sonic halo through which you can embrace their experience made of pure emotions expressed on the thin line that crosses the Cosmic Chaos to lead toward the Supreme Order.
Oke' is the Knowledge of the Heights through Elevation and Wisdom.

Music performed by OKE'

Katzuma - Electronics
William Simone - Electronic Percussions
Andrea Calì - Electric Piano / Synths

Produced by Katzuma
Mastering & Artdirection by HDADD (QS)

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