martedì 18 gennaio 2011

UXO dedication)))

Boredom is...your hypocrisy, your pimp style, your catholic block, your hard to understand leftwing demo-tv-ctature, your rightwing righteous discipline, your imposition of silly useless trends, your activism that never took place, and all the boring things the membrane you call mouth have shout for a long time...then your bitches, your preachers, your priests,your policy, your order, your cops, your inhuman plastic humans, your super human plastic humans, your freaks, your exceptional non exceptional inhumans, your concrete paradise and your non-places, your money, your fake wealthy compassion, your....

we need fun...we need funk...we need to say FUCK YOU...and we will do with a smile on our faces...FUCK YOU)))

ps:if you think is dedicated to you...Ok, you're right once in your in lifetime)))
AH...Fuck You, maybe you didn't understand)))

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