sabato 12 novembre 2011


“Versus” is an attempt to certify the health of beatmaking in its different faces and shapes. We are attracted by cosmos, so this time we focus on the sidereal space owned by a selected bunch of contributors who feed the fire of the beat evolution in their own way. You know, space is the place and it is also the main natural element that allows events to happen across the timeline of infinity.
“Versus” is a document made by tracks collected between 2010-2011: it portrays a selection of people who spend night and day searching for the right frequency to carve a bassline, or to shape a room to move ghostly informations within. This record is focused on space because it’s the only possible place where to find out our need to represent the room of sonic possibilties in aural mutations.
Here comes that we gave the studio tracks from “UXO1” album to a bunch of friends and beloved producers to rework them. The result sounds like a futuristic tape with various imageries of beatmaking. In “Versus” you can hear stunning reinterpretations such as Fingalick’s melodic slowcore, Ether’s hip-hop erosions and Digi G’Alessio playing an afro-dub version rooted in NY Illbient circa 95, or even Railster doing the super modernist wonky kind of thing, A.N.I.Q. Joint facing the chaos by killing Carpenter’s futuristic landscapes, Johnny Boy’s sampledelic minimalism and Blessy digging into future funk....and a lot more, but is up to the listeners curiosity to unveil the rest.
It's hard to sum up such an effort in terms of style. We always talk about beats, but they are all made by different visions of rhythm and vibe. All the people involved are independent producers who create their own poetry throughout the rhythm in a very DIY way, so this is the shit. We ask you to support them, as they suffer of a soulful hunger for sounds and want their anarchic sonic patchworks come straight to your ears.
Ok, less words/more music.
Here is “Versus”.

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