venerdì 19 giugno 2015

Omega Path - Videos

Excerpts from Omega Path's "Held in a Frame" Album:

martedì 9 giugno 2015

Omega Path - Held in a Frame

If photography allows to capture a static single moment, a portrait, the musical communication is a movement based language which delivers contents and interpretations due to its synesthetic matrix.
If a picture is a crystalization, a single point on the carthesian axes, a musical frame is a movement itself regardless any lenght.

Images and sound reproductions are both based on the illusion: the iconic side of Cinema and Photography is mainly based on the subtraction factor, the subject is decontextualized from its original environment. The importance of the subject is proportional to the fiction around it, so the "Truth" must be completely hidden.
Music is fiction too but more ambiguous than images: its communication can't be objective, but representative, because it's based on its perceptive nature and the way it affects the listener.

Omega Path tried to stress this points framing feelings and scenarios through this 12 improvisations trying to capture the nature of Chaos and Order.
It carves waves reshaping imaginary environments through emotions and showcases a large amount of sensation from sinister tensions and suspence to ecstatic abandon.
"Held in a Frame" has been developed on a costant contrast between cyclical repetitions and liquid improvisations: a progressive sublimation of rational patterns into a fractalised imaginary where the physical and spiritual sides melt as one.
Close your Eyes, Watch the Movie.

giovedì 26 febbraio 2015

HDADD - Every Tomorrow has its Own Dawn

We Never Sleep: after being informed that HDADD will join ONRA, L-VIS 1990 and Jam City to warm up the NWO Party by RETROSUPERFUTURE in Milan, we decided to share a gift for those who cannot be there phisically. So don't worry, you can connect your soul directly with this experience through the new mixtape which was recorded live and direct for the full fx.
It features some obscure spacey material from HDADD's vinyl archive: a roadtrip which starts from Italian libraries to end in jazzminded electronics.
An Edited Radio Version was previously broadcasted by Musical Box (RAI - Italian Broadcasting Network) and now it's available in its original full extension for your listening pleasure.
Stream / DL

HDADD - Every Tomorrow has its own Dawn Mixtape by (((Qs))) on Mixcloud

martedì 24 febbraio 2015

COLOSSIUS - Tribal Pursuit LP

Here we are again: Colossius is back with a new solo work since a long time and is well worth the wait considering the fact that we're talking about a fresh and forward thinking full lenght.

"Tribal Pursuit" recalls the missing link between the past and the future: it investigates the roots of rythm and transposes the tradition into something which sounds like the voice of tomorrow.
Most of the tracks here share a lot of with the history of grooves, from psychedelic jazz to indigenous folklore but it seems they have been upgraded to be one of the most modernist listening experience your ears are going to perceive nowadays.

The relation with roots is clear but on the other hand you've an avant-garde approach which in someway declares a distance from the past.
Like an heretic Futurist who keeps the consciousness of the origins of his culture, he creates a new language keeping in mind the source of his informations.

Thanks to the the use of hybrid techniques it sounds like the man and machine finally melt together in a harmonic way: think about futurism and turn its kinetic attitude into a colourful spiral of dynamic percussions, organic grooves and cinematic vibrations.
Then Chase the Rhythm.

Full Stream / Download:

mercoledì 11 febbraio 2015

COLOSSIUS - Mixtape & Video Excerpt

We are proud to announce the new record of veteran producer Colossius "Tribal Pursuit", which will be released soon by Queenspectra.
To Celebrate this happy event we decided to share the first video excerpt to give you a taste of this brilliant Futuristic work.
But That's not all: we also had the pleasure of hosting the groove scientist for the new episode of our mixtape series for which he generously dug some gems from his vast archive of vinyl and packaged a 30 minute trip through electronic jazz, Spacefunk, atmospheric drones and percussive abstractions.
The Mixtape contains exclusive tracks too and and can be considered a gentle introduction to his upcoming works.
Listen and Watch.




lunedì 10 novembre 2014

HDADD - Autogenesis

This new project from HDADD can be considered a collection of pictures which wants to portray the presence of life, its variety of subtle manifestations we can experience even in places that seem to have been abandoned.

Life can be seen as a chain reaction of activities, movements and permanent changes of status that may evolve from a bacteria to the final degrade of ashes.
But what remains then can really be considered only devastation or the spirit of life keeps blooming in the documentation of the previous activities?
Life exists everywhere just because the death of someone or something can only be perceived by a living observer, as death itself is the absence of perception and the zero level of feelings.

So this new concept is about this beautiful paradox which is most of the time an ephemeral and ambiguous brackets between the state of origin and that of nemesis, which in a historical observation plane can just be regarded natural mutation.
Autogenesis is a sonic fiction which celebrates the spontaneous processes of creation across different scenarios: a spectral analisys of life's heartbeat and the rythm of cosmic harmony.

Empty Places aren't Empty Spaces.