sabato 19 novembre 2011

Go Savant!

Here Come the Savants:
it seems that Donnie and Matteo took a time machine to get back in our age and deliver this 4 tracker which has been strangely recorded during the summer of 2011.
GO SAVANT! is a trip into future worlds made of scifi synths, electro funk and soulfull atmospheres through which silicon bodies turn into stardust, supernovas and solar storms.
You could find some relations to a certain kind of film scores composers and the idea of afrofuturism but this links could be missed because they're buried into the production which is rooted into the contemporary style of both the producers who have joined forces to produce this blind soundtrack.
Call it Future Soul, Space Funk or Weirdage, this is a an omage to Carl Sagan's philosphy and the consciousness which allows us to coexist in harmony with the infinity of time and space.
Let your ESP increase throught their clairvoyant psichedelia.
Let's Take Off!

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