lunedì 10 novembre 2014

HDADD - Autogenesis

This new project from HDADD can be considered a collection of pictures which wants to portray the presence of life, its variety of subtle manifestations we can experience even in places that seem to have been abandoned.

Life can be seen as a chain reaction of activities, movements and permanent changes of status that may evolve from a bacteria to the final degrade of ashes.
But what remains then can really be considered only devastation or the spirit of life keeps blooming in the documentation of the previous activities?
Life exists everywhere just because the death of someone or something can only be perceived by a living observer, as death itself is the absence of perception and the zero level of feelings.

So this new concept is about this beautiful paradox which is most of the time an ephemeral and ambiguous brackets between the state of origin and that of nemesis, which in a historical observation plane can just be regarded natural mutation.
Autogenesis is a sonic fiction which celebrates the spontaneous processes of creation across different scenarios: a spectral analisys of life's heartbeat and the rythm of cosmic harmony.

Empty Places aren't Empty Spaces.

martedì 29 luglio 2014

HDADD - Moody Patterns

Brand New Mix from HDADD.
Moody Patterns is a selection which covers the distance between different kind of music genres which can be united by a common factor: the cosmic approach to sound.
In this mix you will find some good vibes for your summer shaped by afro jazz, psychedelic soul and groovy electronics taken from some obscure archives.
Stream / Free Download:

HDADD - MOODY PATTERNS by (((Qs))) on Mixcloud

mercoledì 9 luglio 2014


Brand New Excerpt from HDADD's "Grace".
A surrealistic environment made of dancing lights reshape itself harmonically dancing with music to create a daydreaming landscape.
Dive into the Chrystal Shoal.

giovedì 26 giugno 2014

HDADD - Saudubby (feat. Troubled Minds Cabin Crew) OFFICIAL VIDEO

Dear Ladies and Gents,
to celebrate summer time we've selected the first excerpt from HDADD's "Grace" to be the new episode for our Spectravision.
Saudubby is the perfect example to be used as an "Opening Title" because it's representative of the wide range of feelings you will enjoy along the album. This track also features long time "partner in crime" Cristiano Crisci (Digi G'alessio / Clap! Clap!) who contributed to the production with his touch giving material thickness to the oneiric mood.
This video has been produced to explain the Soundscape Funk theory as its best: sounds and images come together for a journey into a sonic landscape made of colours and organic progressions.
This original animation is in someway influenced by the Surrealism and aims to be a futuristic omage to psychedelic jazz golden age thanks to it's warm and joyfull vibe.
Bon Voyage

giovedì 5 giugno 2014

martedì 27 maggio 2014


Grace is the new album from HDADD and is the follower of Mondo Mzk. If the previous work was an attempt to face the shadows of digital middle ages, this new one is conceptually a spiritual healing after the effort of that investigation on the dark side of the modern living.

They are songs about the love of nature, navigation, daydreaming and oblivion: they praise the elements of joy which are often hidden by the fog of the lies. In terms of feeling this compositions differ from the tension of the previous material but they keep the continuum because still rooted in the same field of research which has been briefly described as Soundscape Funk: a freeform sound into which the nerves of funk coexist with modern psychedelia and electronics.

Grace can be described as a joyful spiritual resurrection thanks to the wide range of feelings spread across the album as a panoramic idea of funk: microtonal orchestrations, upbuilding psychedelic soul and african rythms come together to synthetize how the roots are still present in the future to create a universal kind of vibe.

This album wants to hold your hands and lead you across the sea breeze to smell the exotic flavour of an immaginary travel in the Mediterranean Area.
Let's Sail On.

venerdì 2 maggio 2014

HDADD - Lost and Found Dubtape

Old Lost and Found live Mix / Dub from Hdadd.
A selection of soulfull grooves and psychedelic vibes to share with the ladies, gents and workers all over the world.
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Stream / free download:

HDADD - LOST AND FOUND DUBTAPE by (((Qs))) on Mixcloud