martedì 18 dicembre 2012


This sampler has been made to celebrate our activities in the underground in the last 2 years.
This is only a small selection we have made just to introduce you into our world.
Get the entire releases here:
Much Love and Respect to All the Artists Involved.

domenica 28 ottobre 2012


Here's an update about our visions:

HDADD - Loopin

UXO - Baby Blue (from ILLyCit)

Get Albums here:

One Love
Go Spectral (((*)))

sabato 20 ottobre 2012


We Never Sleep.
Here some visual reworks to celebrate our recent and upcomin releases.

Colossius - Radag

Phil Danger - Night Session

Hdadd - Xprnz

Colossius -Acid Elevator

Don't Forget to Get the Albums here:

venerdì 12 ottobre 2012

Colossius (((.)))

He moves like a shadow in the night of this technocratic age cutting the darkness with swords made of light.
The name of this super hero is Colossius.
He does not use Katanas or Shuriken, but his creations are deadlier than any kind of contemporary method of mass destruction.
When he puts his hands on the machines they react like sonic weapons.
Luckily he's soul is driven by the positive force.
Our hero is also a scientist in his field: his alchemic knowledge allows him to manipulate every kind of aural source with majestic touch.
He can carve waveforms like marble and all the ethereal essence of sound suddenly seem becoming physical and organic.
Every beat here has been cutted to fullfill your soul with Cosmic Chaos.
This is his first solo work on QS and can be considered an aural assault definitive like the title.
Drown yourself into it, Now.


martedì 9 ottobre 2012

5Y5 (((Barefoot))) Ep

Hi Tropical Heads,
5Y5 are Back with their new effort called "Barefoot" and it's a nasty 4 tracker.
The two fives are well known for their passion for rythm and their obession for Africa: for Barefoot they decided to go heavy shaping four monolitic bangers which sounds like a panoramic on the bassline continuum.
The will to fill the gap between future and past is clearly declared in this tracks which are barely infected by Juke, Techno and roots music.
Put your Sneakers on.
the Dancefloor is going to burn.


mercoledì 3 ottobre 2012


Back in the days UXO recorded a bunch of Raw beats stealing sounds from different medias to feed it's little SP555.
This riddims were sleeping in his HD for too long so then it came the time to bring them back to a regular life after being shacked into a continuous mix and coldshowered into dub.
This is a new volume of the ILLegal Cosmic Tapes series and it's made of Beats collected between 2006-08.
They are minimal, raw and wild...
Definitely ILLegal

Artwork by Kae:


sabato 29 settembre 2012


Hi Bros & Sistaz,
Here's the new mix by UXO commissioned by DLSO.
This selection is based on UXO's recent peaks exctracted from the abyss of the underground and taken to the surface for you by his usual Cosmiche Flow.
You will also find some exclusive unreleased tracks in it: Polysick, Colossius & Digi, and UXO himself donated some pieces of future for your pineal gland enjoyment.
So Go and Get it.


martedì 18 settembre 2012

(((QS -TUBE)))

Hi Bros, Sista and Cosmic Lovers around the World.
Qs just wanted to inform that she never sleeps and due to this fact
expanded it's fire opening her own Youtube Channel where you will find some spy tracks from the Catalogue and some funny Video promos for your fun.
Here are two examples from the recent releases.

HDADD's "Deep You"

Agents of Decay's "Black Light"

More Spectral Visions are Coming Soon.
Have fun and join our Channel.

lunedì 6 agosto 2012


Hi Cosmic Lovers.
After more than 6 mix from the last mix for Jay Scarlett's Ampsoul, UXO is back with his first mix of 2012 for PTW SCHOOL. It's a fresh mix for your summer, recorded, dubbed live and virtually packaged with an original artwork curated by UXO himself.
The mix showcases productions from his friends around the world illustrating a wide range of variations of cosmic flow: you will listen a soundtrack for your summer's closed encounters made of dreamy ambient soundscapes, fat basslines, hyperfast 808s, trasfigured pop....and some exclusive tracks from Digi and UXO which are going to be released in the nearfuture.
Travel in space for free.

domenica 29 luglio 2012

HDADD - Ancient Future LP

Hi-Definition Attention Deficit Disorder.
The Ones who are affected by this cant pay attention at all but when they do they're unbelievably clear.
Like in this case: HDADD is the side project of UXO, and Ancient Future is its first album focused on Electro Funk and its wide variety of interpretations.
THis jam sessions have been conceived as an omage to Cosmic Music covering a wide ranges of influences from Kraut to Italo disco crossing Pfunk and crushy dub techno.
The aim behind this collection of tracks is to show the link between the past and future of a certain kind of bass sounds in a personal way to abduct the listener in a world made of Palms and Circuits.
This is Future Surf Music for eyes and ears.
Pay Attention, Feel the Space.

lunedì 16 luglio 2012

(((Afrika Ep)))

A New Record is always a New Trip for us.
For this occasion we decided to get back to Africa choosing two exceptional guides like Digi and Colossius to lead you in a voyage made of rythm and bassline aggression.

Ajuwere Fuja is an omage to MidWestern African music and sounds like a bunch of Yorubian playing in a warehouse party during the golden age of rave music.

After you've heard the percussions sinking in a wall of sound made of basslines,trancey acid synths and killer robotic hats you will probably imagine the tribesman joining this crowdy environment which smells of petrol on fire, sweat, barefoot and flashing lights.

But,don't you think the party is over at this point.
Before you leave you have to face the side B: The Speed of Highlife is a sick track based on pitched vocals, chopped Samples and a fast furious signature made by an hypercinetic 808 affected by Juke and african rythms as well to do the definitive SWAG before getting back.

Time to go Home.

mercoledì 30 maggio 2012


Here they are back again: 5Y5.
This two sided single is an attempt to hijack your Holidays to an interstellar resort.
This two heretic producers didn't sit together in the same place this time, but luckily their pineal gland was tuned into the same vision: tropicalia without borders.
The legend wants that 5Y5 produced this two cuts redrawing an immaginary map where Sao Paolo, Chicago, Detroit and Berlin are kissed by Tyrrhenian sea.
This is exactly where the inspiration comes from.
Cecyna is a receipe made of Drexciyan, tucanos, fruits, palms, circuits and obviously funk.
But the let'explain what happened during the cookin' process...
Strangely this time UXO focused on uptempo but on the other hand he keept his cosmic touch made of deep drones,subs and colourfull melodies which seem to mention some of his psychedelic masters from the 60's and 70's.
While the first cut is lead by the aim to create an ethereal vision of hitech jazz, the second is based on a more physical approach, to give more protein to your diet.
An heavyweight carnival stepper ready to slap your asses and make bikinies fly away into the space.
Digi pimped the riddim with fat basslines, ultrarational killer 808 drums, monolithic reverbed snares and drilling arpeggios adding a definitive hot spicy flavour to the meal.
So,refresh yourself.
Drink your cachaca but don't forget to have your CecYna.

lunedì 21 maggio 2012


Big shouts to our Partners in crime at Bedroom Research who have been so brave to publish this crazy EP.
5Y5 is the collective effort of two über funky Italian producers, Digi G'Alessio and UXO, recorded during their early months of 2011.
Their two personalities melted seemlessly to form a new entity materialised in 4 tracks mixing the punch and impact of Digi G'alesssio with the lush cosmic funk of UXO .
This is dedicated to tropical parties where crowds are addicted by space funk, wobbling basslines and joyfull beats.
Shake your booty!

AGENTS of DECAY-(((Barely ILLegal))) LP

QueenSpectra is proud to present Agents of Decay's first transmission entitled Barely ILLegal.
You can consider this album/mixtape a media blitz based on a poly-directional aural assault, to make your funky asses bounce like punks in a moshpit and your brain space explode between your headphones.
Thanks to the continuous muddy flow, white noise becomes gentle and pop tunes rot into harshness. Subliminal messages from the past are codified as a menace from the future, where memories are raped throughout.
AoD psychic arsenal is made of radio frequencies, loops, pitch control and delays tested on a wide range of listeners. They experienced different reactions, from the Brute headbangers in commotion getting hypnotized by commercial radio to the Guidos dancing like mad on cold wave without having syrup.
Stay tuned if you want to be part of the experiment. Light up your spliff and welcome to the grind house.

martedì 3 aprile 2012


Here's the new PJ mix. It's a special one from Colossius, half of Ether (with Biga) and part of Overknights collective. Recently he has released EPs for Lil Pitch (Ether, feat. Pinch remix) Bedroom Research (with Digi G'Alessio) and a solo work for Fresh Yo through which he declared how influentials are Footwork/Juke for his contemporary production approach. He also remixed Taprik Skweeze, Go SAVANT!,Appaloosa, Adron.. Colossius is well known for his edgy touch made of glitches, cold atmospheres,and his killer samples walking hand by hand with his crispy drums. But the man wanted to give us an unpredictable and unique gift this time: in this mix he explores his different influences from Cosmic Music to Future Roots Dub flirting with Skwee, Bassline music ecc. creating a wide range of vibes and moods. More over This mix contains exclusive tracks from the recording sessions Colossius, Digi and UXO had in Quasistudio this january which will be released later on this year. Need More? Listen

domenica 18 marzo 2012


Here they come Again: The Savants are back!
But they are not the same. The Virus has been spread and 4 maverick producers have been engaged to join our cosmic army after being infected.
The first to join this new mission is Munis who got Nebula Red and broke its previous organic flow into a broken riddim which cripples into jazzy synths, epic arpeggios and a pad which seems to arise from underwater like a scuba.
Then is up to Spin Off who reworked Empathy encreasing the funky feeling with a strong PFUNK approach: this sliding funky lead and claps are what we were waiting for to party wild.
...Grovekingsley jumped onboard with his ESP then: Chasing Esper becomes a narcolectic slowmotion trip made by gentle concrete sounds, low frequencies oscillations, droning vocoders and interstellar tensions.
The EP closes with the veteran Colossius who took care of the Rainbow with his classic style made of crushy synths and punching kick drums.
Listen Up then Back to the Earth.

lunedì 5 marzo 2012

Colossius - 4 Enzo B.I.G

QS is lucky and had the chance to listen this wonderful record few months ago.
We've always thought Colossius is an hot producer, but this is the time to enstablish is position as one of the most edgy.
4 Enzo B.I.G. is his new effort on Fresh Yo and it could be superficially catalogued into the new trend of Footwork: this movement is based on a language which is a natural evolution of Ghetto Tech and Booty bass and it's a music for black community to dance.
Colossius kept the influence through the speed of drumming and sampling and transposed this elements in a sort of white nightmare were pitch control, grooves and subtle informations become the weapons for his frontal aggression to the listeners.
The record open with Isol 8 whose drums are an omage to the footwork sounds walking hands in hands with the breathing strings which seem have been stolen to AFX, Volverine works on a breaks which underlines the importance of Loop in abstract music, Viale Ready is a Skwee infection...Kilosa is a Footwork aggression featured a crazy vocal cut which encounters a lfo wave increasing the tension till the end of the track. Pyrotek and Overnait give room to empty space and abstraction and let the listener have a break from the hypercinetic moods of the previous tracks.
The EP ends with Blitz Taylor, a groovy downtempo built on a monolithic drum and a vocal sample which stands between a black mass and captured alien signals...
This work stands to footwork in the same way post punk standed to dub music.
The artwork colours and shapes fits very well the entire mood.
This is a Killer release and will be followed by a 7" very soon.
Get it Here:

sabato 14 gennaio 2012

Intergalactic Travels

Urban Waves put together a bunch of producers from around the world to define its vision of cosmic beats. This wonderfull compilation focuses on downtempo future beats and scifi hip hop with a strong impact.
The general quality of the producers involved is outstanding and the overall mood is something that stands between a futuristic smokey jazz club and a space with no gravity were bodies, fragments, stars and the electricity of the machines flow together in a natural choreography.
We proudly contributed at the developing of this funky project with a brand new Go Savant! track.
Go and get the entire album.

venerdì 13 gennaio 2012


Here comes the long-awaited first collaborative effort by UXO and Digi G'Alessio.
Known for their different imprint - Digi's contagious booty shaking basslines and UXO's mental spacey flow - the two Italian beatmakers explicitly choose to work on the complementary areas of their sonic spectrum, which is also represented within the (((QS)))'s metaphorical artwork.
Technically, the duo fill the gaps using the most classic proficiency inherited from the hip hop school, the remix.
On the other hand, common areas of interest are kept such as their passion for Africanism and black music, the authenticity of the hardcore attitude and the music made by samples.
The result of this partnership is an homogeneous resume of the aforementioned experiences. If you are searching for postmodern instrumental hip hop strongly affected by future funk, cosmic music, dub, sci-fi tensions and basslines, this record is just made for your egoistic pleasure.
Out Now on Plynt.
Buy it or steal it))).

venerdì 6 gennaio 2012


UXO's New Year Mix for Ampsoul Out Now::::Alien Music for Cosmic Ears feat. OPN, Raja, Dal Ree, Vaghestelle, Cupp Cave, Jolly Music and obscure electronic gems from the future which have never been::::
Big Shouts to Jay Scarlett to make this happen.
QS Supports ASG!