lunedì 10 gennaio 2011

Overknights Rythm Incursion mix

Is Not Xmas time anymore, but tonight I felt happy like a child handling this cosmic gift for free...Thanks to
No more useless words from me, Overknights spk by their own and through their edgy beats!!!

..."Overknights is a collective of dj’s, producers, mc’s and one drawer based in Florence, Italy. A group of ten with common tastes and different styles, as well as a variety of musical backgrounds, ranging from hip hop, jazz and punk, to techno and many other genres of ‘electronic’ music. Their particular ‘sound’ lies between the different styles found throughout individual productions as well as many internal projects and collabo’s. The result is a mix of hip hop, funk and skwee...
Here’s our own little ‘Incursion’, an hour mix of our own productions, mostly unreleased… including a collabo with our bros The NightSkinny and DreLove and a killer remix by Pinch. A big big up to Rhythm Incusions…. and as the image by Simone Zaccagnini might suggest we’d like to show some love… so Enjoy! Peace"

Go there Read & Download Right Now)))

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