mercoledì 22 dicembre 2010

Various Arists- After Silkworm

QS is happy to announce that After Silkworm remix collection is out on Car Crash Set from Seattle.
Our beloved UXO starts the compilation with a track that smells of summer with its beat that rolls into a sweety weirdage fog making the intro gentle and spacey. It's a misleading intro just because the menace is around the corner. Suddenly the atmosphere changes and the motorik breaks into the concrete wonky beat from Harrison Blakholdman who makes the things clear about the incoming future bass aggression planned by the Planet Soap crew involving the selected artists. + Verb Rebubble twists Cameleon into skwee breaks, with claps and vintage synths percussions. Miqi O places a post atomic track that reminds Autechre and Kay Tee stretches the rythm like a carpet for a flying atmosferic pad that comes from nowhere and leads you in a timeless black hole mood where the intelligent machines seem getting sick.
Here comes Bju with a ghostly RNB halfstep which melts in a future garage break with an organic elegance. Pixelord revisits Bags keeping the coordinates of the original track blasting a wonkybeat made of 8 bit, basslines and arpeggios. It's time to make room for a dark and feline interpretation from Damscray of Alex Kid: a dark rave synth fades in to introduce reverse hats that pinch your ears till exploding in a powerfull breakbeat. HOT. Cocobryce puts some fun through out a future hip hop which keep the pride of the oldschool roots with skretches rolling on a baslline that bounce into the headphones. Moa Pillar rapes Indian Care with a future vision that clashes with a flute and singers from far east observing what's happening to the groove from the background. Moresound makes Invictus sinking into a echo chamber envirorment, then is time for Demokracy with a weird synth funk thing and then DZA enters the scene with a low fi grime beat that suddenly crosses a 4/4 kick which accompains a rotten samba sample that blast your mind. Genius! Apes on Tapes do an organic rework of Indian Care with a starring buzzing synth leading the march of the beat. Halps worked on a serpentine bassline which enters a wide and misterious water world where drops behave like percussions. BD 1982 takes Mommy into a spectral afro garage party that ends into 4/4 motor bass from 3 is a Crowd for the ending titles of this record.
This Album is for sure an interesting window for who is trying to understand what's the future of bass music: a brave attempt to showcase the variety of possibilities for the evolution of the language and a well measured selection of new hot producers from around the world which will put the world on fire soon.
Let's ruin your neighbourhood Xmas time pushing your soundsystem to the limit.

Wild Stuff are always High Recomended

martedì 7 settembre 2010

UXO on Passion Junkies Blog

A Spicy & Spacey Ordnance mixtape for mr Fugu's wonderfull blog)))
Download Here:

sabato 28 agosto 2010

The Jellyfish-Ocean of Sounds EP (((QS0,25)))

Ocean of Sound can be desertic and liquid at the same time to lead you in an abstract and introspective world made of music and intimism.
The Jellyfish mixes field recording and gentle distortions to get a visionary and epic soundtrack: entering this guitar driven ambient noise adventure you will experience the echo of desert rock drawning into a psichedelic minimalism obtained by modern forms of sonic manipulation.

This Ep has been produced between September 2004 and January 2005 and has been published in 200 CDRs as "Ocean of Sound" in April 2005 (QS0,25).

Out Now)))

mercoledì 2 giugno 2010


Well, sincerely I think mr Filastine has reach the status of best live performer of bass music. His sound is a unique melting pot of dub,techno, breaks, subbass, ghetto music and percussive folk...
I can mention a lot influences but the real thing is that we're not talking about a simple and frigid patchwork of different sounds put together, but a spontaneous (and scientifically performed) magmatic pan-music to experience with body and mind.
The most impressive thing about his sound is that gets better (and powerfull) everytime you see him live. He also share the stage with Nova Ruth, an impressive indonesian singer who adds a good feminine touch in Filastine's blasting noborder sound.
Love you Grey & Nova

domenica 30 maggio 2010


(((*))) Connection...Please Open The 3d Eye before approaching their liveset!
Love to my Cosmic Bros and Sista...We'll meet again soon in outer space.

mercoledì 12 maggio 2010

lunedì 29 marzo 2010


Uxo1 is a free ironical ride into space where the compositions use beats as psychedelic rails. The 22 short tracks have been mostly conceived through impro sessions with electronic tools, such as samplers, turntables, 303-synths, field recordings, and film soundtracks, which explains their spontaneous taste and DIY attitude. Heavily influenced by syntherama, dub basses, electro-funk rhythms and visionaire producers like Dabrye and Madlib, UXO music starts with an electronic mood to slowly go into more hip hop beats, ranging from the childhood memoirs of “No Return” to the current affairs of “MJ vs Neda”, a farewell to both Michael Jackson and the Iranian dead woman Neda. The Aphex Twin-esque “The Heat” walks with its thick and bodied sound, while “Iron Dandelion” is a joyfull lovesong that quickly brings the listener to the heart-warmed lovers rock echoes of “Isn’t It/Love Is In The Airhorn”. Sci-fi elements are gently spread all over the album, from the tribute to sci-fi maestro John Carpenter of “The Cheapest Space Travel” to the melancholic and nightly trip to nowhere “Faraway” through the wonky beats of “LSB”. The closer “Without You” is a magnificent electro-blues march that penetrates our deepest emotions, like the end credits music composed by Angelo Badalamenti for an imaginary movie. Uxo1 is ultimately an unexploded sonic bomb which hides an extremely variety of sounds and cosmic pleasures, ready to be discovered. To be handled carefully.

venerdì 26 marzo 2010


Produced by Bappi Lahiri sung by Salma Agha (1984)
I discover this wonderfull pearl thanks to Dabrye and Onra.
They've taken samples from this wonderfull track.
Strong recomendation for all the material from the artists mentioned in this post!

lunedì 15 marzo 2010


...recently I discovered "Flamingo Breeze" from Matrix Metals. This record is huge! I strongly recomend it to the people who loves psichedelic feels but also who loves ruined beattapes...the entire album smells of summer breeze and is based on simple loops taken from different sources.Finally I got in love with this for its simplicity and the choice of being far from digital aestetics. Lovely Stuff!

giovedì 11 marzo 2010

Masterpiece from Sunsetcorp

love the simple edit, love the ruff paleotechnologic approach of the visual, and the dreamy cosmic feel!