lunedì 17 ottobre 2011


We really like to wake up in the morning and find gifts like children under the Xmas tree.It's an October monday morning instead of xmas time and offcourse the postman is not the fat old white beard man but Fresh Yo label which dropped a beautyful compilation to declare its aim for the upcoming production season.
Fresh Yo put together a bunch of cosmic contributors to showcase its wide range of sonic interest collecting an eclettic but well balanced compilation done with good taste.
You can find the hi-skilled Mcing poetry of Chaos from Millelemmi doing the opening titles which introduces UXO reshaping Apes on Tapes with a quirky future funk, the concrete beats from Colossius & Digi's joint venture which seem that has been stolen from a Sergio Leone's mourning scene which fades into the soul infected future hip hop of Infinite Lives.Then The Motorik Clap from Bewsenzio, Chico Cruz lowfi tropical beats, Digi G'Alessio blasting hip hop rythm. BPM increases then into Echo's 4/4 colourfull windmill electro which breaks into the Vince Lard's reorganized chaos that ends leaving room to MOR slow-emotions which could be an exceptional example of futuristic library music for TV. Well, everyone knows that to be aware of the future you've to learn something from your past, so the compiler wisely decided to remember the listener that silicon has been made by humans and humans can play also acustic instruments and their own voice too, so it was time to showcase a wonderfull Folk Pop track from Joel Swensen to warm hearts in the autumn anticipating the ending titles which have been left to A Smile for Timbuctu which salutes the listeners with a wonderfull soundtrack inspired by early electronic pioneers.
Huge Stuff...Get it for free

Long Live Fresh Yo!

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