lunedì 5 marzo 2012

Colossius - 4 Enzo B.I.G

QS is lucky and had the chance to listen this wonderful record few months ago.
We've always thought Colossius is an hot producer, but this is the time to enstablish is position as one of the most edgy.
4 Enzo B.I.G. is his new effort on Fresh Yo and it could be superficially catalogued into the new trend of Footwork: this movement is based on a language which is a natural evolution of Ghetto Tech and Booty bass and it's a music for black community to dance.
Colossius kept the influence through the speed of drumming and sampling and transposed this elements in a sort of white nightmare were pitch control, grooves and subtle informations become the weapons for his frontal aggression to the listeners.
The record open with Isol 8 whose drums are an omage to the footwork sounds walking hands in hands with the breathing strings which seem have been stolen to AFX, Volverine works on a breaks which underlines the importance of Loop in abstract music, Viale Ready is a Skwee infection...Kilosa is a Footwork aggression featured a crazy vocal cut which encounters a lfo wave increasing the tension till the end of the track. Pyrotek and Overnait give room to empty space and abstraction and let the listener have a break from the hypercinetic moods of the previous tracks.
The EP ends with Blitz Taylor, a groovy downtempo built on a monolithic drum and a vocal sample which stands between a black mass and captured alien signals...
This work stands to footwork in the same way post punk standed to dub music.
The artwork colours and shapes fits very well the entire mood.
This is a Killer release and will be followed by a 7" very soon.
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