venerdì 12 ottobre 2012

Colossius (((.)))

He moves like a shadow in the night of this technocratic age cutting the darkness with swords made of light.
The name of this super hero is Colossius.
He does not use Katanas or Shuriken, but his creations are deadlier than any kind of contemporary method of mass destruction.
When he puts his hands on the machines they react like sonic weapons.
Luckily he's soul is driven by the positive force.
Our hero is also a scientist in his field: his alchemic knowledge allows him to manipulate every kind of aural source with majestic touch.
He can carve waveforms like marble and all the ethereal essence of sound suddenly seem becoming physical and organic.
Every beat here has been cutted to fullfill your soul with Cosmic Chaos.
This is his first solo work on QS and can be considered an aural assault definitive like the title.
Drown yourself into it, Now.


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