domenica 29 luglio 2012

HDADD - Ancient Future LP

Hi-Definition Attention Deficit Disorder.
The Ones who are affected by this cant pay attention at all but when they do they're unbelievably clear.
Like in this case: HDADD is the side project of UXO, and Ancient Future is its first album focused on Electro Funk and its wide variety of interpretations.
THis jam sessions have been conceived as an omage to Cosmic Music covering a wide ranges of influences from Kraut to Italo disco crossing Pfunk and crushy dub techno.
The aim behind this collection of tracks is to show the link between the past and future of a certain kind of bass sounds in a personal way to abduct the listener in a world made of Palms and Circuits.
This is Future Surf Music for eyes and ears.
Pay Attention, Feel the Space.

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