venerdì 13 gennaio 2012


Here comes the long-awaited first collaborative effort by UXO and Digi G'Alessio.
Known for their different imprint - Digi's contagious booty shaking basslines and UXO's mental spacey flow - the two Italian beatmakers explicitly choose to work on the complementary areas of their sonic spectrum, which is also represented within the (((QS)))'s metaphorical artwork.
Technically, the duo fill the gaps using the most classic proficiency inherited from the hip hop school, the remix.
On the other hand, common areas of interest are kept such as their passion for Africanism and black music, the authenticity of the hardcore attitude and the music made by samples.
The result of this partnership is an homogeneous resume of the aforementioned experiences. If you are searching for postmodern instrumental hip hop strongly affected by future funk, cosmic music, dub, sci-fi tensions and basslines, this record is just made for your egoistic pleasure.
Out Now on Plynt.
Buy it or steal it))).

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