martedì 3 aprile 2012


Here's the new PJ mix. It's a special one from Colossius, half of Ether (with Biga) and part of Overknights collective. Recently he has released EPs for Lil Pitch (Ether, feat. Pinch remix) Bedroom Research (with Digi G'Alessio) and a solo work for Fresh Yo through which he declared how influentials are Footwork/Juke for his contemporary production approach. He also remixed Taprik Skweeze, Go SAVANT!,Appaloosa, Adron.. Colossius is well known for his edgy touch made of glitches, cold atmospheres,and his killer samples walking hand by hand with his crispy drums. But the man wanted to give us an unpredictable and unique gift this time: in this mix he explores his different influences from Cosmic Music to Future Roots Dub flirting with Skwee, Bassline music ecc. creating a wide range of vibes and moods. More over This mix contains exclusive tracks from the recording sessions Colossius, Digi and UXO had in Quasistudio this january which will be released later on this year. Need More? Listen

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