lunedì 16 luglio 2012

(((Afrika Ep)))

A New Record is always a New Trip for us.
For this occasion we decided to get back to Africa choosing two exceptional guides like Digi and Colossius to lead you in a voyage made of rythm and bassline aggression.

Ajuwere Fuja is an omage to MidWestern African music and sounds like a bunch of Yorubian playing in a warehouse party during the golden age of rave music.

After you've heard the percussions sinking in a wall of sound made of basslines,trancey acid synths and killer robotic hats you will probably imagine the tribesman joining this crowdy environment which smells of petrol on fire, sweat, barefoot and flashing lights.

But,don't you think the party is over at this point.
Before you leave you have to face the side B: The Speed of Highlife is a sick track based on pitched vocals, chopped Samples and a fast furious signature made by an hypercinetic 808 affected by Juke and african rythms as well to do the definitive SWAG before getting back.

Time to go Home.

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