mercoledì 30 maggio 2012


Here they are back again: 5Y5.
This two sided single is an attempt to hijack your Holidays to an interstellar resort.
This two heretic producers didn't sit together in the same place this time, but luckily their pineal gland was tuned into the same vision: tropicalia without borders.
The legend wants that 5Y5 produced this two cuts redrawing an immaginary map where Sao Paolo, Chicago, Detroit and Berlin are kissed by Tyrrhenian sea.
This is exactly where the inspiration comes from.
Cecyna is a receipe made of Drexciyan, tucanos, fruits, palms, circuits and obviously funk.
But the let'explain what happened during the cookin' process...
Strangely this time UXO focused on uptempo but on the other hand he keept his cosmic touch made of deep drones,subs and colourfull melodies which seem to mention some of his psychedelic masters from the 60's and 70's.
While the first cut is lead by the aim to create an ethereal vision of hitech jazz, the second is based on a more physical approach, to give more protein to your diet.
An heavyweight carnival stepper ready to slap your asses and make bikinies fly away into the space.
Digi pimped the riddim with fat basslines, ultrarational killer 808 drums, monolithic reverbed snares and drilling arpeggios adding a definitive hot spicy flavour to the meal.
So,refresh yourself.
Drink your cachaca but don't forget to have your CecYna.

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