lunedì 21 maggio 2012

AGENTS of DECAY-(((Barely ILLegal))) LP

QueenSpectra is proud to present Agents of Decay's first transmission entitled Barely ILLegal.
You can consider this album/mixtape a media blitz based on a poly-directional aural assault, to make your funky asses bounce like punks in a moshpit and your brain space explode between your headphones.
Thanks to the continuous muddy flow, white noise becomes gentle and pop tunes rot into harshness. Subliminal messages from the past are codified as a menace from the future, where memories are raped throughout.
AoD psychic arsenal is made of radio frequencies, loops, pitch control and delays tested on a wide range of listeners. They experienced different reactions, from the Brute headbangers in commotion getting hypnotized by commercial radio to the Guidos dancing like mad on cold wave without having syrup.
Stay tuned if you want to be part of the experiment. Light up your spliff and welcome to the grind house.

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