lunedì 24 giugno 2013

LDGU - Rattigan Glumphoboo Ep

Welcome Back Ladies and Gents,
Qs is proud to introduce you to LDGU's first solo work.
Behind Ldgu's Moniker you've Paolo Rossi, the founder of Lil Pitch Records, label which built an outstanding reputation with few but well settled transmission with names like Ether, Pinch, Dj Earl and Boxcutter.

This is a Debut EP but Paolo's dress as a musician is not so new for QS: He's already appeared with his tenor Sax on Braille Funk LP warming up tracks like Blowjob and Neopalm.

Aside of his pale attention for Future bass, he shares with us a passion for psychedelia and jazzy visions so he decided to jump onboard with a collection of heartwarming songs made of extatic ambiences, monolithic drones and minimalistic textures.

The overall feeling spread throughout this record echoes the force of wildlife with the use of ermetic compositions which sound like hymns to Mother Earth: these pagan poems are focused on the harmonic ambivalence of the beauty of Chaos.

This is a portrait of nature and its strength which can be found in the peaceful embrace of the coexistence and the dangerous cruelty of death as well.
Ldgu's Visions are shaped with sounds to describe the energy of heartbeats, Predators, Embryos, Leaves, Blood, Creation and Destruction...

You Know...
Nonsense makes sense when you Make Some Noise.
Warm your Hearts with Rattigan Glumphoboo

and More Spectravision for your Senses:

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