mercoledì 4 settembre 2013


Mondo Mzk is a soulful globetrotting through the nervous circuit of the modern ways of living. Souls are made of silicon, and experience is a ghost floating like dust blown by the wind in a desert wasteland.
A travel across landscapes undressed by the man intervention where nature sovereigns in all its beautiful power and cruelty.

Humanity is still there, yet hidden in a twilight zone of representation. Artificial masks replace faces with the smile of fake emotions standing at the top of bodies made of memories.

Like a road movie shot with ever blurred lens, its content is buried under the weight of the scene by scene shadowy narration.
The audience's point of view is induced to detach where lies and truth are, drown in an aurora whose spectrum is made by matter, ghosts, colours, ecstasy and pain.

Fiction couldn't exist without reality as there wouldn't have been any shadow without light.

Welcome into Mondo Mzk



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