domenica 26 maggio 2013


“Static Motion” is the second Installment from HDADD, the electronic side project from UXO.
It follows “Ancient Future” album which was an homage to rave sounds flirting with electrofunk and psychedelia.
This second episode differs from the previous due to the fact it’s very distant by any kind of dance music association. It’s been mostly inspired by Cinematographic culture and authors like Stanley Kubrick, in someway it sounds like a blind filmscore aiming to replace the perception of a film in your retina using only technicolour aural impulses.

Static Motion is the description of a daydream: it’s like traveling without moving, flying with no wings or riding your mind onto sunny highways keeping your testarossa at home.
Music is the Fuel.

Download here:

Video Xcerpt previously performed Live A/V @ S/V/N:

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