martedì 12 marzo 2013


On Saturday 9th March, HDADD was involved into S/V/N/ (, one of the hottest emerging electronic music festivals in Italy. S/V/N/ is a pretty young event which is taking importance thanks to the quality of their choices: in less than one year the list of the artists involved can count on names like Andy Stott, Holy Other, Blondes, Stellar Om Source to mention a few.

The party was pure excitement for HDADD. This time he shared the stage with heavyweights like Demdike Stare (Modern Love) and Substance (Chain Reaction/Basic Channel), so he prepared a brand new 30 mins Audio visual show, which is strongly influenced by 20th century visual avant-gardes with an emotional psychedelic feel. Here you can find a 3mins cut down:

This is an excerpt from "Ancient Future" Lp you can find here:

Thanks to S/V/N crew.
Thanks for your attention.
One Love

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