lunedì 22 agosto 2016

Omega Path - Trancefigure

Trancefigure is the second album from Omega Path, whose mission is to Avoid Boredom through the Art of Repetition.

Its hyper dynamic vision of organic music explores the unlimited possibilities of rhythm, exploiting the absence of conventional drums in favour of an orchestral movement of every single element in its patterns.

This compositions are ephemeral improvisation in which you can experience a bitter sweet disorientation, generated by the continuous change of the sonic landscapes.

A liquid narration which continuosly sublimates the shapes of the musical matter and its colours in a pulsating environment, wherein every single molecule of sound has its specific role: their interplay is the crucial trigger of a chain reaction which finally allows the audience to feel the immersive experience and get higher to reach the overall view.

Written & Produced by Omega Path
Recorded between Summer 2015 and Winter 2016
Mastering by  HDADD
Artwork by QS

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