martedì 5 gennaio 2016

OKE' - Tree of Life

OKE' is the collective effort of three kindred spirits who enjoy astral traveling, and following their own pineal glands, or perhaps telepathy, accidentally collided planet QS. They like to describe their output as an eruption: it's the fire of creation that tries to reach the sky and every gram of its magma fell on the ground it's pure fertility.
If the mountain is the trunk its fountain of fire draws the missing part of their plan: a tree of life whose branches, leaves and fruits connect the earth to the sky.
Their music is the expression of inner worlds: the thin membrane which wraps their spirits is a sonic halo through which you can embrace their experience made of pure emotions expressed on the thin line that crosses the Cosmic Chaos to lead toward the Supreme Order.
Oke' is the Knowledge of the Heights through Elevation and Wisdom.

Music performed by OKE'

Katzuma - Electronics
William Simone - Electronic Percussions
Andrea Calì - Electric Piano / Synths

Produced by Katzuma
Mastering & Artdirection by HDADD (QS)

Full Steam / Download:

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