martedì 9 giugno 2015

Omega Path - Held in a Frame

If photography allows to capture a static single moment, a portrait, the musical communication is a movement based language which delivers contents and interpretations due to its synesthetic matrix.
If a picture is a crystalization, a single point on the carthesian axes, a musical frame is a movement itself regardless any lenght.

Images and sound reproductions are both based on the illusion: the iconic side of Cinema and Photography is mainly based on the subtraction factor, the subject is decontextualized from its original environment. The importance of the subject is proportional to the fiction around it, so the "Truth" must be completely hidden.
Music is fiction too but more ambiguous than images: its communication can't be objective, but representative, because it's based on its perceptive nature and the way it affects the listener.

Omega Path tried to stress this points framing feelings and scenarios through this 12 improvisations trying to capture the nature of Chaos and Order.
It carves waves reshaping imaginary environments through emotions and showcases a large amount of sensation from sinister tensions and suspence to ecstatic abandon.
"Held in a Frame" has been developed on a costant contrast between cyclical repetitions and liquid improvisations: a progressive sublimation of rational patterns into a fractalised imaginary where the physical and spiritual sides melt as one.
Close your Eyes, Watch the Movie.

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