lunedì 10 novembre 2014

HDADD - Autogenesis

This new project from HDADD can be considered a collection of pictures which wants to portray the presence of life, its variety of subtle manifestations we can experience even in places that seem to have been abandoned.

Life can be seen as a chain reaction of activities, movements and permanent changes of status that may evolve from a bacteria to the final degrade of ashes.
But what remains then can really be considered only devastation or the spirit of life keeps blooming in the documentation of the previous activities?
Life exists everywhere just because the death of someone or something can only be perceived by a living observer, as death itself is the absence of perception and the zero level of feelings.

So this new concept is about this beautiful paradox which is most of the time an ephemeral and ambiguous brackets between the state of origin and that of nemesis, which in a historical observation plane can just be regarded natural mutation.
Autogenesis is a sonic fiction which celebrates the spontaneous processes of creation across different scenarios: a spectral analisys of life's heartbeat and the rythm of cosmic harmony.

Empty Places aren't Empty Spaces.

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