martedì 27 maggio 2014


Grace is the new album from HDADD and is the follower of Mondo Mzk. If the previous work was an attempt to face the shadows of digital middle ages, this new one is conceptually a spiritual healing after the effort of that investigation on the dark side of the modern living.

They are songs about the love of nature, navigation, daydreaming and oblivion: they praise the elements of joy which are often hidden by the fog of the lies. In terms of feeling this compositions differ from the tension of the previous material but they keep the continuum because still rooted in the same field of research which has been briefly described as Soundscape Funk: a freeform sound into which the nerves of funk coexist with modern psychedelia and electronics.

Grace can be described as a joyful spiritual resurrection thanks to the wide range of feelings spread across the album as a panoramic idea of funk: microtonal orchestrations, upbuilding psychedelic soul and african rythms come together to synthetize how the roots are still present in the future to create a universal kind of vibe.

This album wants to hold your hands and lead you across the sea breeze to smell the exotic flavour of an immaginary travel in the Mediterranean Area.
Let's Sail On.

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